About us

Whom we are

Siddha-Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies is an accredited academic research institute and one of the most innovative incubators of this century. Vetha premiers an innovative form of education that amalgamates scientific paradigms from Oldest Wisdom traditions and cultures from the World to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that can withstand the test of time and contribute towards the restoration of humanity’s capacity to find peace and balance, in the process restoring the balance of the Earth’s Ecosystem. Siddha-Vetha designs and deliver educational programs that are nonsectarian and that can easily be integrated in alternative as well as traditional curriculums.

Our transdisciplinary approach brings together among other subjects of study: lifestyle management, engineering of sustainable technology (among others: agriculture, health and beauty industry), alternative energy sources, raising our human values, bringing forth a more humane society and world peace, social responsible business practices, rebalancing our planetary eco-system, fusion of ancient and modern architecture, conscious cinematography, art, dance and music, martial arts and many others. Transdisciplinary preventive and non-invasive forms of healthcare and science can save and enhance a lot of lives; cutting down expenses by avoiding unsustainable mass-production; through co-conscious collaboration global crises can be avoided, including hostile situations between nations; rebalancing our food-chain, water and energy sources and production; mental health is solved at the root-level through community education and personal coaching; reverse-engineering to rebalance our Earth’s ecosystem.

It is a Non Profit Corporation dedicated to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of the Siddhas from the East and the Western evidence based sciences. Siddha-Vetha Center is located on the shared campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University at t, 211 Warren Street, Newark, New Jersey- 07103 and encourages requests for financial and other information at that address. Siddha-Vetha Center is registered as a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization [EIN 81-1935695]. Your Contribution Is Tax-Deductible To The Fullest Extent Of The Law. Financial Information about the Vetha Center may be obtained by contacting us at the Enterprise Development Center, 211 Warren Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103; The Siddha-Vetha Center may be exempt from registration as a charitable organization in a number of states.

What We Offer

We offer a number of transdisciplinary, professional and community programs that cater to the needs of individuals working within professional, educational, healthcare and other environments. These low-residency programs are offered as a combination of online classrooms and in-person workshops.

Our Team

Shan Lakshmanan

Vice Chancellor/Founder of Siddha-Vetha

Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan (Shan) is the Vice Chancellor of the Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies and a Harvard trained Scientist who received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Rutgers/NJIT. From an early age Shan believed that learning is most effective when we are mindful, which supports being peaceful, aware and discerning. Based on his intuitive knowledge, Shan has acquired an understanding of how consciousness-based axioms, can be utilized as a basis for fundamental physics concepts. Thus he explores adding new dimensions to existing scientific views, aiming at shifting the purely mechanistic Cartesian view of reality toward a consciousness and experience-based one. Shan is also the Vice President of international research, a scientific advisor and head of the Indian Medicine, Sciences and Culture Division (IMSCD) at the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE-Harvard). Furthermore, he is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of two peer reviewed international journals and serves in the Editorial board of eight other International journals. He also serves as the chairperson of the R&D division of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA) for its Harvard-AAPNA Research Project (HARP) as well as a member of the Scientific Committee in the Integrating Spirituality with Organizational Leadership (ISOL) Foundation. He is also founding member of SKY-USA, a non-profit organization which has branches all over the United States. Shan has published his research work in several international journals and books. He received the Aryabhatta award for his research in Ayurveda, the ISOL community program award for indigenous Knowledge and Culture, the ‘Star of the Universe’ award from the Society of Universal oneness for taking initiatives to bridging the gap between Ancient and Modern Science and the ‘Real Hero’ from the Youth Foundation in India for his outstanding contribution to Education. Shan is a scientist, author, editor, poet, farmer and a loving husband and father to his two little children.

John Reed


John Reed M.D., MPH, MBA, a physician specializing in preventive and anti-aging medicine, practicing in the Baltimore-Washington,DC, area. He is currently the Chancellor of Siddha-Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies. He is the president of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE), a very innovative research institute whose researchers investigate complementary and integrative medicines, especially electrotherapy and other forms of energy medicine, immunotherapy, phage therapy, and ethnic medicines, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The organization also investigates consciousness, alternative energy, and scientific mysteries.

Stanley North

General Council

Stanley Underwood North, III is a lawyer who has specialized in corporate, commercial, and international law; including legal advice in bringing novel US construction technology to developing markets; advising life science companies in entry into the US market; advise as to implementing driver safety programs in 40 countries; immigration advice; intellectual property advice and more. He has also experience advising about international and domestic commercial transactions, specializing in life sciences, alternative energy, housing technologies, intellectual property, permits and licensing; immigration; international road safety. In his current role, Stanley acts as the Vetha Center's General Counsel.

Dr.Sundar Balasubramanian

Director of International Research

Dr.Sundar Balasubramanian,Ph.D is a researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina studying cancer therapeutics, and Yoga and Director of International Research at the Siddha Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies. His recent research provides evidence for how Pranayama (Yogic breathing) practices could promote wellbeing in health and disease. Sundar is a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, and is an IAYT-certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). He is the Founder/Director of PranaScience Institute, and was a speaker at TEDx Charleston 2015. He has recently published a book titled "PranaScience: Decoding Yoga Breathing".

Rhitishah Yuva Raju

Director of Research Publications

Rhitishah Yuva Raju is the Director of Research Publications at the Siddha Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies. As a neuroscience researcher, her recent studies across 14 countries focused on reducing stress and test anxiety by combining Eastern medicine and Western scientific approaches. She is the founder of Mediora, an organization working to bridge the gap between eastern and western healthcare systems through innovation and education with the goal of providing accessible healthcare globally. Her research has won international awards, the UCLA Brain Research Institute, and the American Psychological Association Award. Rhitishah’s goal is to make healthcare more accessible by creating cost-free methods to help break the cultural stigma against mental health. She also serves on the Board of Directors at Safety Center Incorporated and works to bring new public health initiatives to communities in California.

Our Circle of Elders

Gurudev Shri Amritji


Gurudev Shri Amritji* (Yogi Amrit Desai) has been honoured for being the first yoga guru to bring the inner dimension of yoga to the West since 1960. His teachings got so widely adapted that the Yoga Society of Pennsylvania he established in 1966 became the largest of its kind by 1970. He later founded Kripalu Center, which became one of the largest yoga and health centers in North America with full time volunteer resident staff of over 350. Over the past 57 years more than 10,000 yoga, yoga nidra and yoga therapy teachers have been certified to teach the inner dimension of yoga that he developed in over forty-five countries. This dimension provides in-depth healing, therapeutic and transformation benefits of authentic yoga that has been often missing in popular approaches to the practice Hatha yoga. For his outstanding contributions to the global yoga community, Gurudev has been recognized by the world-renowned authorities and organizations with many prestigious accolades, including the titles “International Grand Yoga Master,” “Doctor of Yoga,” “Jagadacharya,” “Maharishi,” and many more. He has been awarded the “Global Service Award,” “The Patanjali Award,” and the “Vishwa Yoga Ratna” presented by the President of India. In 1992, he was nominated for the “Padma Vibhushan” by the late Prime Minister of India Shri Chandra Shekhar. A globally revered spiritual leader, Gurudev Shri Amritji has reached millions through his international trainings, workshops, seminars, and conferences as well as his peace missions to Russia and Israel. His many publications include Kripalu Yoga: Meditation in Motion, Amrit Yoga: Explore, Expand, and Experience the Spiritual Depth of Yoga and Amrit Yoga and the Yoga Sutras. The recent titles Ancient Wisdom, Modern Master (2012), Love and Bliss: Meditations on the Art of Living (2014), and The Yoga of Relationships (2015) have earned a total of fifteen literary awards from London, Paris, New York, Hollywood, Southern California, Nautilus, the Great Midwest, and Florida book festivals. In 2000, Gurudev established the Amrit Yoga Institute, a thriving Yoga and Ayurveda center in Salt Springs, Florida, where he currently resides and teaches. To this day, he continues to promote the authentic teachings of yoga worldwide. He is recognized as one of the greatest emissaries of the ancient heritage of India has made a significant impact upon the history of modern yoga.

Stanley Krippner


Stanley Krippner is an American psychologist, parapsychologist, and an executive faculty member and Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University in Oakland, California. Formerly, Krippner was director of the Kent State University Child Study Center (of Kent, Ohio), and director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory (of Brooklyn, New York). Krippner has written extensively on altered states of consciousness, dream telepathy, hypnosis, shamanism, dissociation, and parapsychological subjects. Krippner was an early leader in Division 32 of the American Psychological Association (APA), the division concerned with humanistic psychology, serving as President of the division from 1980 - 1981. He also served as president of division 30, the Society for Psychological Hypnosis, and is a Fellow of four APA divisions. Krippner has conducted experiments with Montague Ullman into dream telepathy at the Maimonides Medical Center. In 2002, Krippner won the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology.



Prof.Ravindran Kannan is a natural therapist and healer. He has an MD in Acupressure and a professor practicing Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He was under the able guidance of world renowned Dr.Devendra Vora, a master in acupressure and natural therapist. Prof. Ravindran was initiated to yoga by Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi - Founder of World Community Service Center, Chennai. A prolific speaker, he has conducted workshops and demonstrations in US, India etc. on acupressure and Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He is a visiting professor and Advisory Board Member at Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies.

Siddha Vetha