Transdisciplinary Science and Technology(TST)

Our Course Modules

Modules Theory [90 mins] Practicals [15 mins]
1 Introduction to Ancient Science Pranayama,Kundalini
2 Transformation Theory-from Universe to Self-Alternative Theory of Origin Aura-Expansion,Shakthi Mediation
3 Functional Anatomy of Human Body based on Ancient Science Shanmuki Mudra,Earth Meditation
4 Ancient Cultural Practices and their Scientific Implications Inverted Pyramid,Collapsing Sphere Meditation
5 Ancient Wisdom for Life-Style Management-Part I Planet Meditation,5-Element meditation
6 Ancient Wisdom for Life-Style Management-Part II Transformation Meditation/Grounding
7 Introduction to Ancient Medical Systems-Siddha,Ayurveda & Marma Yoga Nidra-Naadi Sudhi
8 Introduction to Ancient Architecture,art,music,yoga and agriculture Earth-Energy Meditation/Straight line and 8 walk
9 Introduction to Siddha Psychology Photo gazing,lamp gazing
10 Traditional Knowledge and distributive justice Mid-Brain meditation/lambiga yoga
11 From Individual to World Peace M-Expansion Blessing
12 Exam,Feedback and Summary Shanthi Meditation


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