Siddha Culinary Medicine-SCM

Instructor : Dr.Selva Shunmugam, Dr. Shanmugamurthy Lakshmanan andThiru. Salem Kuppusamy

Our Course Modules

Modules Theory [90 mins]
1 Introduction to Siddha Culinary Medicine(Dr. Selva & Dr. Shan)
2 Preventive Care through Culinary Medicine(Dr. Selva)
3 Siddha Cutlery; Ancient and Modern perspective, do’s and don’ts(Dr. Shan)
4 Foods for controlling diabetes and female health issues (Dr. Selva)
5 Hypertension and Cardiovasculardisease(Dr. Selva)
6 Allergies, Asthma, Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease(Dr. Selva).
7 How to overcome Obesity, Auto Immune and other Non-Communicable disease?(Dr. Selva)
8 Longevity through Culinary Medicine(Thiru. Kupusamy)
9 Pediatrics diet- An approach to healthy Children(Dr. Selva)
10 Modern healthy diet for kids and teenagers with ancient ingredients and formulas (Dr. Shan)
11 High energy Siddha diet- A novel perspective about food(Dr. Shan)
12 Q & A Evaluation &Feedback (Dr. Selva)
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